Why AWJ? Why are so many families obsessed with cloth diapers lined with athletic wicking jersey?

Why AWJ? Why are so many families obsessed with cloth diapers lined with athletic wicking jersey?

Gannon Keller
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Modern cloth diapers feature a variety of different interior lining materials. Some of the most common are microsuede, fleece and a soft jersey mesh often referred to as athletic wicking jersey. Each material comes with its own list of pros and cons. For example, some materials are stay dry, while others allow baby to feel wetness. 

Here at Kinder Cloth Diaper Co, our modern pocket diapers feature an athletic wicking jersey (AWJ) lining between baby's bottom and the absorbency. This material is a sporty mesh, similar to the material that the outer layer of a basketball short is made from. Athletic Wicking Jersey or AWJ for short, is lightweight and breathable making for an ideal warm weather diaper lining. 

Athletic wicking jersey is a lightweight synthetic, stay dry material, designed to wick away moisture from the skin and leave baby feeling dry. This is why AWJ is so commonly used throughout fitness and sports apparel industry.

It's this same breathable quality that makes athletic wicking jersey lined diapers ideal for babies with wetness sensitive that may be prone to more frequent diaper rashes. The AWJ allows baby to feel cooler than most other popular diaper lining materials, like microsuede and fleece. Babies that are prone to heat rash or wetness sensitivities may find relief in diapers lined with athletic wicking jersey. 

Due to the texture of the surface of the jersey mesh, many find that it is easier to clean than other popular diaper lining materials. Families love the "ploppable" nature of AWJ—even the most stubborn poops tend to release easier with a little spraying or swooshing from AWJ than its microsuede or fleece counterparts. This can also mean less stubborn staining and a better overall cloth diapering experience. 

What's your preferred diaper lining material? Have you tried athletic wicking jersey mesh yet? Leave us a comment below! 

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