Understanding the differences between Pocket Diapers and Diaper Covers—which style is best for your family?

There are many different styles of modern resuable diapers available today. At Kinder, we focus on modern Pocket and Cover style cloth diapers.

Each reusable diaper style presents a unique set of advantages and disadvantages. Follow along as we compare our reusable pocket diapers to our diaper cover systems.

One Size: 7-60lbs

The Pocket Diaper

Our modern pocket cloth diapers feature a three by five adjustable rise setting that is flexible enough to fit most babies from birth to potty training.

Reasons to love pocket daipers

Easy Clean Up

Lined with our super soft atheltic sport mesh, even the messiest poops clean up easy in our pocket diapers.

Blowout Proof

Our snug and thick rear elastic band helps prevent unexpected up-the-back blowouts.

kinder cloth diaper co modern pocket cloth diapers with athletic wicking jersey lining tummy panels and five rise settings made to grow with baby

Birth to Toddlerhood

Featuring five rise settings, our pocket diapers are made to fit baby from birth to preschool.

One Size: 8-40lbs

The Diaper Cover

Our diaper cover system features a three by four adjustable rise setting and a wipeable PUL lining—designed to be reused for mulitple diaper changes.

Reasons to love diaper covers

Great for Nighttime

With double gussets around the legs, our diaper covers are designed to work with the bulkiest absorbencies—including fitteds and flats—making them ideal for overnight protection.

Multiple Wears

Diaper covers do not have a fabric lining like pocket diapers—which means that they can be wiped clean between diaper changes and reused for multiple wears.

Smaller Stash

Becuase diaper covers can be reused between diaper changes—families who choose to use a cover system can have less diapers shells (the water resistant outer.)