Artist Partnerships

We are passionate about supporting artists and illustrators from around the world.

Alyssa Walsh

Alyssa is a surface pattern designer, creative freelancer & entrepreneur based near Atlanta, Georgia. Her artwork is whimsical and fun, often drawing inspiration from nature: plants, animals, dreamy star-filled skies, as well as the joys of experiencing them all alongside her daughter.

Amy MacCready

Amy is a Seattle based designer and illustrator. She loved bold florals and cute animals and is always up for trying somthing new.

Ash Cascade

Ash is an artist whose bohemian/retro style evokes a polished yet gritty sense of place. Ash draws infinitely upon the adventures she takes with her husband and their two fierce little girls in the Pacific Northwest.

Bree Brennan

A student currently working towards a BFA in graphic design. Bree loves being creative in both in graphic design and traditional art/illustration. In addition to graphic design, my other interests are horror/true crime, nature, plants, and astrology.

Byre Wilde

Tiffany is a professionally trained textile designer based in Colorado.

CMPT Rules

CMPTRULES is a creative studio led by Anugrah Wayan, who was born in Batuan, Sukawati. He has been into art since he was 6 years old, when he saw his uncle draw on plates and ceramic jugs.

Coit Creative

Ali is an illustrator, surface designer & educator who can be found cozy at home drawing or climbing, skiing, and playing in the mountains. Many of her illustrations are inspired by the wild places she spends so much time in and advocating for.

Dulce Simon

Dulce is a designer and cloth diaper educator. Her hand drawn style is both bold and whimsical.

Genna Blackburn

Genna is a surface designer and illustrator. Inspired by her love of plants and animals, her work is a playful exploration of shape and color stemming from her backgrouond as a graphic designer.

Jonathan Cooper

Jonathan is a multidisciplinary designer with a passion for engaging the culture and industry. His work is seen across a variety of industries, including local boutiques, apothecaries, national restaurant franchises, and international lifestyle brands.

Krystal Keller

Krystal is a Pittsburgh based graphic designer and co-owner of Kinder. She is the designer behind all non-collab print collections.

Lyndsay Hubley

Lyndsay is an artist, living in St. Margaret's Bay, Nova Scotia with her husband and four busy kiddos. She runs an online stationery shop and is passionate about painting, drawing and surface pattern design.

Rebecca Bobko

Rebecca finds inspiration everywhere—creating new works for fabric, notions, stationary, apparel, and anything that needs a little bit of joy are her areas of expertise.

Marina Solodka

Marina is an illustrator and surface designer based in Ukraine. She works with clients around the world. Her mission is to create modern vibrant prinst and bright-eyed patterns for fabric, textile, bedding, homewares and kids apparel.

Mike Bennett

Joy creator, Mike Bennett Art, was voted Portland's Best Visual Artist of 2020. Mike is known for his whimsical, hand painted animal cutouts.

Ships Co. Studio

Stephen is an art director, illustrator and designer based in Nashville with more than 12 years experience working with the food + beverage, hospitality, and non-profit industries.

Tasha Richelle

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