Deciding whether or not to use cloth diapers is a personal decision that can be impacted by many different factors—such as finances, personal values, accessibility and even your baby’s health. 

First, it is important to establish why you are considering using modern cloth diapers. We all have unique lifestyles and circumstances that might influence whether or not cloth diapers make sense for your family. Common reasons why you might choose to use cloth diapers: 

Financial Impact

Many families choose to use reusable diapers in order to save money. 

It is possible to use reusable diapers with any budget. For some families, cloth diapering can offer some relief in your monthly budget that was once filled by the recurring cost of disposable diapers.

A starter stash of 30 reusable diapers with inserts, 2-3 days worth of cloth diapers, from Kinder Cloth Diapers will cost approximately $325. However, you can find lower cost diapers from other brands, or even purchased used diapers online or at your local consignment or resale store. 

Additionally, there are also free reusable diaper resources available. The Cloth Option is a 501-C3 that provides reusable diaper kits to families with a financial need. Your local diaper bank may also occasionally have reusable diapers available. The Western Pennsylvania Diaper Bank here in Pittsburgh sometimes has Kinder Diaper kits available for families in our community. 


Cloth diapers are more eco-friendly and can significantly lessen your family’s environmental footprint over time. 

Cloth diapers offer an alternative for families that are conscious about their environmental impact.

Disposable diapers are estimated to take up to 500 years to decompose in a landfill setting. In contrast, cloth diapers can be reused for multiple year, and multiple children.

Health and wellness

Some children experience sensitivities to certain fabrics, chemicals or ointments. Families with persistent allergies or rashes may consider switching to cloth diapers to provide relief from rashes or discomfort. 

Do you have a child that struggles with persistent rashes or discomfort in disposable diapers? Reusable diapers are often made of soft, breathable textiles, allowing the baby's bottom to breathe. We recommend speaking with your pediatrician about whether or not switching to a reusable diaper may help resolve your medical concerns. 


It is important to determine if reusable diapers are available where you live? Do you have access to washing facilities? Are you physically able to fasten and secure reusable diapers on your baby? 

Arguably the most important question to ask when you are thinking about using reusable diapers is are they accessible to your family? Some questions you might consider asking: 

  • Can you find reusable diapers in a store near you
  • Do you have access to a reliable washing machine or laundry facility on a weekly basis? 
  • Will your child attend childcare outside of the home? Is the facility cloth diapering friendly? 
  • Do you travel often? Will you use cloth diapers when you travel? 
  • Are you physically capable of using cloth diapers? Do you have a physical disability that might impact you ability to button, snap or pin a reusable diaper? 
  • How is your mental health? Are you worried that increased  laundry might have a negative impact on your mental health? 

Some families choose cloth because their children soak through disposable diapers. Reusable diapers provide different absorbency options that may work better for some babies — especially for longer periods of time, like overnight.

Maybe you’re considering reusable diapers out of desperation. Some families look to cloth as a last resort for a baby that pee through traditional disposable diapers. Reusable diapers can provide an alternative and customized solution for particularly heavy wetting babies and toddlers. Reusable diapers can be customized with more absorbency to meet the unique needs of your baby.


Maybe you prefer the look of a reusable diaper over a disposable diaper. Look and feel is a perfectly valid reason to consider cloth diapers too.    

Reusable diapers are inherently more beautiful than disposable diapers. In the same way that ceramic dinner plates make for a more appealing holiday dining table spread, reusable diapers make for cuter baby wear. Some families choose reusable diapers for looks rather than function, and that’s okay too.