Cloth Diaper Mom, Krista, Shares How She Stores Soiled Cloth Diapers Until Wash Day

Cloth Diaper Mom, Krista, Shares How She Stores Soiled Cloth Diapers Until Wash Day

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I'm the mom that does research before buying things. I researched cloth diapers for three years before I was able to conceive my first baby. However, one thing I never thought I’d need to research was how to store cloth diapers.

Once I became pregnant and started building up my diaper stash, I soon wondered how I was going to store them before I needed to wash them. There’s so much information online and I got overwhelmed fast. It seemed there was no perfect system for storing cloth diapers—someone always found fault no matter what you did. 

matching siblings wearing modern reusable kinder cloth pocket diaper with AWJ

I discovered Kinder on social media and joined their discord group to learn more about all the reusable things they offered and how other families stored their reusable diapers.

With disposables people just throw the whole diaper away. With cloth diapers you have to find a way to store your soiled cloth diapers until wash day. There are so many ways to store cloth diapers. You can use zippered wet bags, reusable pail liners, a laundry basket, and the list goes on. You can even choose between an open system or a closed system.

Storing soiled cloth diapers at home: 

pail liner wet bag at changing table reusable cloth diapers pocket diaper best cloth diapers

I found that I use reusable pail liners at home and small zippered wet bags while going places the most. I have two or three pail liners in rotation at all times. I hang the pail liner on the side of my changing table in my bathroom for easy access. My system is always open so that air can constantly be going into my diapers and it doesn't seem to hold as much moisture as when I use zippered wet bags. 

To store my dirty diapers I separate the diaper shells from my liners before putting everything in the pail liner. When one of my kids has a poopy diaper, I take out the inserts, put them in the pail liner, and then I always spray my poopy diapers right after I change them. Then the diaper gets stored over my shower to drip dry, and then I put it in the pail liner with all the other dirty diapers. 

leaving soiled cloth diapers to dry in the shower after cleaning the poop awj reusable diapers

Storing dirty cloth diapers when away from home: 

When out and about I bring a small wet bag for changes in public. I just roll my diapers up, snap the dirty closures snaps, and then store them in the wet bag until I get home. Then I take all the diapers out, spray any poop and either hang to dry on the shower or they get separated and put into the pail liners. I also put the wet bag we used in the pail liner and it'll get washed with the diapers. 

Storing cloth diapers is easy and there are so many ways to do it in your home. Sometimes it takes trial and error to find what you like best but there's always options. I quickly found that what may  work for one family may not work for ours.

Soon after we started our cloth diaper journey, we found what we liked best. Don’t ever feel discouraged when it comes to cloth diapers. As long as it works for you, you're doing everything right!

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