Cloth Diaper Mom, Carissa, Shares How Switching to Cloth Diapers Saved Her Family Money

Cloth Diaper Mom, Carissa, Shares How Switching to Cloth Diapers Saved Her Family Money

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I first stumbled upon cloth diapers at a second-hand pop-up shop in 2021. I was pregnant with my first daughter, and went online to gather information about how to use cloth diapers. I was curious what this cloth diapering adventure would take.

I was hit with a massive amount of information, which alone was terrifying. The first thing that put me off was the cost it would take to have a decent stash for just one child. This alone scared me because of our personal finances. I knew right away this would not be something I could achieve at that time.

Months later, I was scrolling through TikTok and came across Kinder Cloth Diaper Co. I’m not sure how I had stumbled upon it because cloth diapers weren’t something I was looking into anymore. (The algorithm knew I need them!) I fell in love with how easy and uncomplicated Krystal made cloth diapering sound, and I followed her to keep in touch with her videos. (The amazing designs on the diapers were a plus too.) 

In the fall of 2022, I fell pregnant with our second child, and I knew right then I wanted to give this cloth diapering thing a shot. With the rising prices of disposable diapers, I knew in the long run it would cost more money to have to buy disposables for two kids than it would be for the upfront cost for cloth diapers.

While the price of disposables was the primary reason for wanting to switch to cloth, this wasn’t my only reason. Knowing I would never run out of diapers during the week was a deciding factor as well. When my diaper stash would get low all, I had to do was wash and dry my diapers and I had clean, fresh diapers ready to go for the next day. This I knew was going to take the stress off of me being home with a toddler and a newborn since we were only living on one income.

So, I sat down to run the numbers. I wanted to have some facts and numbers to bring to the table when it came time to talk my husband into using cloth diapers. At the end of the day, it was clear. We would save money and cloth diapering would it be worth it. 

Before we made our first cloth diaper purchase, I wanted to be 100 percent sure this is what we wanted to do. I didn’t want to buy these gorgeous diapers just to turn around and use disposables permanently.

I joined the Kinder Discord to ask people in the community any questions. Anytime anyone had a question or concern when it came to cloth diapers the community jumped up and helped in any way they could. The community support solidified my decision to cloth diaper. I knew I had a community I could rely on to help if I had trouble.

I think the biggest reason people are nervous about choosing cloth diapers is a lack of support when needed, and knowing that I had the community support behind me was encouraging. I’m so glad I took the jump into cloth diapers and anytime someone asks me about them I get to tell them my story and all about what I have learned during my journey so far. 


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