Cloth Diapering Parent Zoie shares how choosing to use cloth diapers has saved her family money and cleared up her baby's skin

Cloth Diapering Parent Zoie shares how choosing to use cloth diapers has saved her family money and cleared up her baby's skin

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Finding out that I was pregnant with my second daughter in the middle of horrible inflation and a housing crisis was pretty scary. How are we going to support another baby when rent, groceries, everything has doubled? I immediately started looking into options for saving money on all the things we would need. I had looked into cloth diapering with my firstborn but let negative remarks from family keep me from doing so. This time I decided to go for it!

After seeing a Kinder Cloth Diapers video on tiktok I purchased the first two cloth diapers for my second baby. After deciding to use cloth diapers we slowly built a stash, buying one or two diapers whenever we could. At least half of our stash is preowned which was a great way to save money as well. I was able to buy some inserts in a discounted bundle l and even a few from a buy, sell, trade group. 

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When my second daughter, Rosie, was born we used the disposable diapers we had been given for the first few weeks. We would soon find that Rosie has eczema and the disposables had been causing flare ups on her belly.

After getting all of her cloth diapers and inserts prepped we began our cloth diaper journey. It was just meant to be that we had chosen cloth because it helped with Rosie’s eczema! Switching to cloth diapers has saved us from flare ups and diaper rashes while also saving us money by not buying disposables every week. 

I think that a lot of parents who look into cloth diapering are worried that it will be difficult.

I too was worried it would be too much taking care of two young children and having time to wash my cloth diaper laundry. Once you get started and find the routine that works for you cloth diapering feels so simple. It’s second nature now when packing the diaper bag to throw in a stack of cloth diapers and a wet bag.

Every other day or so, dump the wet bag into the washer and stuffing diapers once they are dry. I never thought I would say stuffing diapers is one of my favorite things to do but there is something so satisfying about it. 

Another dilemma I faced when deciding to use cloth diapers was getting my partner on board.

When I first floated the idea to him he was not into the idea. I expressed that it was something I really wanted to do and as I stay at home mom I would be doing the majority of diaper changes.

Then a couple of months later there was a huge freeze that damaged our washer and we had to use disposables for a few weeks until we were able to get a new one. After a few weeks of buying disposables my partner had a new love for cloth diapers. He was like wow I didn’t realize how much money we were saving until now. 

To any unsure parent reading this: see cloth diapers are not just cute they are practical!

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