Cloth diapering mom Abby shares how her choice to use reusable menstrual products made cloth diapers an obvious choice

Cloth diapering mom Abby shares how her choice to use reusable menstrual products made cloth diapers an obvious choice

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Everyone’s cloth diaper journey starts differently, and for different reasons. Mine started in 2019, three years before I was even diapering a baby. I had discovered reusable menstrual products, and in searching for information and online assistance, came across a blogger that mentioned cloth diapering her children.

At the time, I hadn’t even thought about the fact that people might choose to use cloth diapers, or that a modern version to the flats and rubber pants of my grandparents’ age even existed. Curious, I dove down the rabbit hole of information, learning all about what cloth diapering in the modern age looked like. I decided then and there that I would cloth diaper my future babies (I’m a very Type A person, and once I’ve made a decision, good luck changing my mind), much to the confusion of my husband, who at the time when we were newlyweds asked me “Why are you worrying about this now?”

Soon enough, I did get pregnant, and my initial research 2 years prior didn’t feel like enough. Luckily, I had a friend who I knew had used cloth for her babies, and I reached out for her suggestions. She invited me to join a Facebook group (you know the types, with an ‘Admin Approved’ wash routine and water testing), and at the time, I was glad I joined that community.

There was so much information, and I felt like a sponge. Everyone was sharing their suggestions, favorite brands, and troubleshooting methods. I ended up creating a spreadsheet to help me keep track of all of the different brands I was considering, including information on price, number of rise settings, and insert materials. But it wasn’t long before I felt like there was more information than I could possibly soak up, and so much of it was conflicting. I began to feel overwhelmed, questioning if this plan I had was worth it.

Here’s where Kinder enters the story. As many have found the brand, I was scrolling through TikTok, and in between the pregnancy and parenting videos, Kinder started showing up, and it was like a breath of fresh air. Krystal had so much positivity and energy, and it made me feel so much more relaxed as I prepared for my newborn to arrive. I began to trust myself more, and didn’t feel as pressured to make sure everything was perfect.

When my son was born, I was so busy navigating the anxiety of being a new parent, and didn’t want to stress about my wash routine. Turns out, just like with parenting, you actually know more than you think you do. I didn’t follow that Admin Approved wash routine from Facebook, I just washed my diapers like really dirty laundry. It took a few tweaks, and some detergent build up in my machine to get out, but I found confidence as the weeks turned into months, and I am proud to say that while we still use some disposables at night or while traveling, my cloth diaper journey is still going strong, nine months later. 

The success I found with cloth diapering made sharing it with others so much easier. My family seemed a tad skeptical when I told them I wanted to cloth diaper, but once I showed them how easy it was, they supported me beyond what I expected. And everyone’s favorite diapers (of the several different brands I bought in the beginning to try and compare) was Kinder.

So many features make Kinder’s diapers stand out above the rest, and it shows when those are the ones we reach for the most. The love and appreciation I felt for the brand only continued to grow as I discovered more of the products they offered. Not only did I love the inserts they sold, but I found that the change mats and play mats were essential products for my life as a new parent. And when my son started eating solid foods, Kinder’s bibs worked beautifully to keep his clothes clean of the mess he made with his food.

It didn’t take much for me to start suggesting these products to the people in my life. Kinder’s change mats became an essential product I would give as gifts at baby showers, because I know how handy it was for me for those middle of the night diaper changes. Wet bags also made great gifts, as who doesn’t need a wet bag on the go for all possibilities, even if they don’t use cloth diapers. As a parent, you find that having a place to put the dirty onesie so that it isn't stinking up the back of the car is super convenient. And on the chance that a parent-to-be wants to try cloth diapers, Kinder is the brand I suggest they try first.

Kinder has become such an influential part of my parenting journey, and the community that Kinder provides thanks to the Discord group continues to help me have the confidence that I need to remind myself that I know what I’m doing when it comes to diapering my baby, and that I will always have the support of other families who are on their own journey. As I said in the beginning, everyone’s journey starts out differently, but we all appreciate quality brands, products, and community, and the Kinder family makes this community a better place.

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