Cloth diaper mom, Lily, shares why she chose to switch to cloth for her third baby and the positive difference it made for her whole family.

Cloth diaper mom, Lily, shares why she chose to switch to cloth for her third baby and the positive difference it made for her whole family.

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As a mother of three, I am constantly thinking about how I can do things better and improve the methods I already use. A problem that I kept having was with diaper changes. My youngest daughter, who is now one, kept getting diaper rashes in her first two months of being with us. I had always used disposable diapers with my older children because I was told that cloth diapering was way too hard and I didn’t know anyone who used them for their kids. I also never really considered how diapers could be affecting my daughter's skin. 

My pediatrician told me that my daughter seemed to have especially sensitive skin. The ingredients in disposable diapers were reacting with her skin and causing her to be more sensitive and more likely to get diaper rashes. I immediately started researching alternatives. 

I had always heard that cloth diapers had changed a lot over the years, but I never thought to look into them because my other two children used disposable diapers and everything was fine for them. Things definitely needed to change for my daughter though if her skin was going to improve. I decided to take a leap and try cloth diapering. 

Lily jumped into cloth diapering with budget friendly brands and a great deal that she found on facebook marketplace. 

At first, I tried a brand that I found on Amazon to see how they worked and if it was going to be a good option for us. I liked knowing exactly what the diaper was made of. With disposable diapers, I never knew what exactly was in my child’s diaper. Dyes? Gels? I didn’t really know anything about the ingredients in them. I just trusted that they were safe. But with cloth diapers, I know exactly what they are made with and felt much better knowing what was touching my daughter’s skin. I noticed an immediate change in my daughter after just one week of using modern cloth diapers. Her rash had cleared up and in the year that I have been cloth diapering, she hasn’t gotten a single diaper rash again! 

In the year that I have been using cloth diapers, I have found that I prefer them much more than traditional disposable diapers. Gone are the days of frantically running to the store when I realized I was out of diapers and needed to buy more. With cloth diapers, I never run out. I love that I can just spray off any mess in the diaper into the toilet and throw it into the wash. 

Lily was led to believe that cloth diapering was going to be hard, messy and hard on her wallet. Instead she found the opposite was true.

I had been told that cloth diapering was hard and messy, but I haven’t had that experience at all. It’s been such an easy change. It’s been easier on my budget as well. A big box of diapers can be anywhere from 40 to 50 dollars right now. A box only ever lasted me two weeks at most with my kids. So I was spending almost over 100 dollars per month on disposable diapers that I ended up just throwing in the trash. It had always felt like such a waste and I knew it was even worse for our landfills. 

With cloth diapering I didn’t have too big of a budget hit with starting my stash. I found a listing on Facebook marketplace for 20 diapers and a sprayer attachment for the same price that it would cost me for just two boxes of disposables on the lower end, 80 dollars. I also still had the five pack of cloth diapers I got off Amazon previously for 25 dollars. After everything, that was 25 diapers and a sprayer for only 105 dollars. It was everything I needed to start. 

I didn’t buy any more diapers for months after that, until I would find Kinder Cloth Co. In just one year, I have already saved hundreds of dollars on diapers since I don’t have to consistently buy more. You can definitely say that I will only ever use cloth diapers for my children and any future children I may have. I recommend them to everyone I know. As someone who has used both cloth and disposable diapers, the winner is clear for me.

I found Kinder Cloth Co. from Tiktok one day after scrolling and have fallen head over heels in love. As someone who is still relatively new to cloth diapering, they make it so easy. They are by far my favorite brand of cloth diapers and in my opinion, they make the best cloth diapers available. The accommodating size of the pocket diaper is great. I love knowing that my daughter can wear them until she is ready for potty training. 

I like that Kinder also has other products as well. Wet bags are so convenient for on the go and their change mats are the biggest I’ve seen. They make changing diapers a breeze while I am out and about. As a breastfeeding mother, I especially appreciate that they make breast pads as well out of extra fabric. A huge benefit of cloth diapering is being more sustainable for the environment. So I especially love that Kinder is low waste in everything they do.

My cloth diapering journey has been especially fun for me. I love picking out adorable patterns and colors for my daughter’s diapers. I even coordinate them to match her outfit. I couldn’t do that with disposables since they don’t really have variations in colors and designs. I especially love knowing how much money I am saving and will continue to save. But in the end, the very best thing of all, is knowing that after my daughter gets potty trained, I can save all my diapers and use them again on my next kiddo.

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