Add us to your Babylist registry

Add us to your Babylist registry

Krystal Keller
1 minute read

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It's time to build your baby registry! But how do I add Kinder cloth diapers to my baby registry? 

It's easy! is an all inclusive baby registry builder. Add items to your baby registry from any store you want—including Kinder Cloth. 

With Babylist you can add items to your registry from big stores like Target and Amazon, as well as your favorite small and local businesses, like us! 

Simply follow these instructions to add any item from our shop to your baby registry! 

Your friends and family will be able to easily shop our diapers directly from your registry. You can even add notes to tell your family why you're choosing cloth diapers, to help encourage them to support your decision. 


Adding small business cloth diapers to your baby registry

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