Giving Back: Kinder community donates 100 diapers and inserts to local diaper bank

Giving Back: Kinder community donates 100 diapers and inserts to local diaper bank

Krystal Keller
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One in three families struggle with diaper need, the lack of a sufficient supply of diapers to keep an infant or child clean, dry, and healthy.

Kinder is passionate about ensuring that all families and caregivers have access to diapers—both cloth and disposables. To help offset our community need, we partnered with the Western Pennsylvania Diaper Bank to be able to provide local families with an interest in cloth diapering, Kinder pocket diapers. 

Any customer can add a donate a diaper listing to their cart for just five dollars, which gifts a Kinder Basics pocket diaper and 4-layer bamboo insert to a family in need. (You can even spend Kinder points on donations!)

Throughout 2021, Kinder customers donated nearly 70 diapers through our donate a diaper shop listing. And in December of 2021, we packed up the donations, plus a few extras to make it an even 100 diapers donated, into stacks of five inside small Kinder wet bags. The wet bags allow for easy distribution at the diaper bank, while also providing families with a place to store dirty diapers between wash days. 

We know that cloth diapering isn't the solution to ending all diaper need, but we're hopeful that we'll be able to provide Pittsburgh families who may be struggling with diaper need and are interested in trying cloth diapers, an alternative to the rising cost of disposables. 

Thank you to everyone that gifted diapers in 2021. If you're interested in donating a diaper through our shop, please check out the donate a diaper listing, found here. 

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