Cloth Diaper Basics: How do I prep my diapers?

Krystal Keller
2 minute read

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Getting started with cloth diapering can be overwhelming to say the least. Have you prepped your diapers yet? What does that actually mean?

When I started cloth diapering I thought that I had to follow a series of very specific instructions for how to prepare and wash my cloth diapers — or I'd ruin them. Now I know that is not true. 

Washing cloth diapers should not be complicated. It's just laundry and we need to start shifting the narrative around wash routines to treat it as such. 

To prep your cloth diaper shells (the waterproof pocket or cover) you'll want to wash them once, normally in your washing machine. Washing your shells once cleans the fabric and makes sure that anything invisible that may be lingering on the fabrics from the manufacturing and fulfillment process is washed away before wearing on your baby. Just as you'd wash a new pair of underwear before wearing. 

Prepping inserts can be a little more time consuming, and every brand recommends a different process. We sell only natural fiber inserts that tend to become more absorbent after several washes. To prevent leaks during the first couple wears, we recommend at least 3 pre-washes before use. However, you can use our inserts immediately after one wash, but know that leaks are common before multiple washes. 

Once your shells and inserts are prepped, you're ready to go! Happy Cloth Diapering. 


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