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Why Basics?

Kinder Cloth Diaper Co. basics collection is a curation of 50+ coordinating solid colored and patterned items designed as a more affordable way to cloth diaper your little ones. Save up to 20% when you bundle and save any of our basics items.

Kinder Cloth's modern reusable pocket diapers feature wide rear elastics, more rise settings, breathable athletic wicking sport mesh lining and water resistant tummy panels to help you get the best performance and diapering experience for your little one. 

Our pocket diapers fit most babies from birth to potty training with an estimated size range of seven to sixty pounds or more. These reusable diapers are designed to work harder for you, longer. Skip newborn cloth diapers and start your stash with our generous one size pocket cloth diapers. 

Kinder Cloth Diapers make a bold statement in every cloth diaper collection. 

Build your Basics Bundle with Kinder

Buy more, save more

When you build a bundle with Kinder Cloth Diaper Co., you have the flexibility to choose from a wide range of basics items, including pocket diapers, cloth diaper covers, and more. By selecting any three or more basics items, you can enjoy significant savings of up to 20% on your purchase. This allows you to create a customized cloth diapering solution tailored to your preferences and needs, all while saving on your investment.

Quality and Performance

Our basics collection is crafted to work harder for you, offering long-lasting durability and reliable performance. The reusable pocket diapers and cloth diaper covers are designed to fit most babies and toddlers from 7 to 60 pounds or more, providing a versatile and cost-effective diapering solution. The adjustable rise settings, wide rear elastics, and water-resistant features ensure a comfortable fit and superior leak protection, making Kinder Cloth Diaper Co.'s basics items a practical choice for modern families.

Small business

Kinder Cloth Diaper Co. is a small, family-run cloth diaper boutique based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, dedicated to crafting eco-conscious caregiving solutions for modern families.

Our commitment to sustainability and quality is reflected in our basics collection, which offers an affordable and environmentally friendly alternative to disposable diapers.