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Kinder Cloth Basics: What is a Cloth Diaper Tummy Panel?

All Kinder Cloth pocket diapers come with a tummy panel. But what is a cloth diaper tummy panel? 

A tummy panel is a section of water resistant Polyurethane Laminate fabric or PUL that lines the inside of the diaper, along baby's tummy. This fabric often matches the outside color or print of the cloth diaper. Tummy panels can be rounded or form a straight line along the insider of the front of the cloth diaper.

Tummy panels are common in pockets, but our diaper covers have them too. 

reusable pocket cloth diaper with tummy panel to prevent leaks

What are the benefits of a cloth diaper with a tummy panel? 

This extra water resistant barrier helps prevent moisture from inside the diaper from wicking onto baby's clothes. When we first started with cloth diapering, I had a hard time getting the lining of the diaper to not fold outward along baby's belly—inadvertently touching her clothes and transferring moisture. A tummy panel completely eliminates this issue by keeping the lining tucked inside the diaper, where it belongs. 

A tummy panel is awesome for tummy sleepers who are the most prone to leaks along their bellies. This extra 1 inch or so of water resistant fabric can help baby sleep sounder, for longer. 

We recommend tummy panels for babies that are heavy wetters and tummy sleepers. Cloth diapers with tummy panels are great for every day diapers, long car rides and night time wear. 

Do you have a tummy sleeper that's often wet along their belly in the morning?

Try adding a cloth diaper with a tummy panel to your night time routine.

If you're still experiencing lots of tummy leaks while sleeping, you likely need more absorbency in your pocket. A natural fiber insert like hemp, cotton or bamboo can help improve absorbency.

We do not recommend using microfiber as this material is very prone to compression leaks. 


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