Our Collections: The 90s Inspired Collections | Feb. 2021 - Kinder Cloth Diaper Co.

Our Collections: The 90s Inspired Collections | Feb. 2021

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our very first pre-order collection. Our 90s inspired collections features 5 bold, bright and colorful prints reminiscent of the 1990s. 

The collection uses a cohesive, coordinating color palette of Blues, Oranges, Pinks and Purples—perfect for your daily cloth diaper lineup.

Out of this World is the first print in our 90s inspired collection. This deep blue outer space print is filled with tiny stars and colorful planets. You may even spot a meteor or two, if you're lucky. We've paired this print with bright blue snaps.

Rugrat is inspired by Chuckie Finsters bright orange hair and purple square glasses. This print features and all over squiggles pattern in a subtle orange color way. The purple snaps add an unexpected, playful touch.

Narwhals is the third print in the collection. The style of the illustration is inspired by the graphic t-shirts that lined the drawers of children in the 1990s. Loosely inspired by our favorite Narwhal, from the movie Elf, this print features colorful narwhals and blue snaps.

Go Bananas draws its name from a number of places; Hey, Arnold's banana costume, Bananas in Pajamas, and everyone's favorite banana clips. There's no shortage of banana inspiration to pull from the 1990s. This pink and orange print is paired with bright orange snaps.

Last, but not least, Starry Night is designed to pay homage to everyone's favorite 1990s rainbow stickers by Lisa Frank. This rainbow starry purple sky is to die for. We've paired this up with some pink snaps.


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