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Cloth Diaper Starter Kit: What do you do with the poop?

The most common question people have about cloth diapering is "What do you do with the poo?" Managing the poop is easy. There are several methods for removing solid waste from your babies soiled cloth diapers before you toss them in the wash. 

Exclusively breastfed poop is water soluble. 

  • Poop soiled diapers from babies who ingest only breastmilk can be tossed directly into your washing machine—no rinsing required.
  • Some cloth families will choose to pre-rinse breastmilk poops before tossing in the wet bag or diaper pail, but this step is completely optional.
  • If your baby ingests anything* other than breastmilk, you will need to remove the poop before washing. *This includes one or more formula bottles, some medicines, baby cereal, purees, solids… you get where I'm going with this. 

Babies who are formula fed or combination breastmilk and formula fed will need to have the poop removed from their diapers before washing in your machine. Here are a few easy ways to tackle the poop without getting your hands too dirty.

  • One method for removing solids is to use a diaper sprayer. This is a handheld sprayer, similar to the one at your kitchen sink, that attaches to the water line on your toilet. You can use this to spray the solid poop from the dirty diaper, into the toilet and flush the poop away. 
  • If a diaper sprayer isn't within your budget—the dunk and swish method works well too. For this method, you sort of need to be okay with touching the poop. Take the dirty diaper, shake off the solids into the toilet. If the poop is particularly stubborn, fold the diaper in half with the soiled side facing outward. Dunk and swish the diaper in the bowl until the solids release. You'll want to wring the diaper out before tossing in your wet bag or pail. 
  • Bamboo liners are a good choice for busy families. Liners are easy to use, but you will need to keep these on your shopping list if this is the method you choose. When using bamboo liners, simply lay a new liner along the inside of your baby's diaper when changing. When your baby poops, simply lift off the liner with the poop and dispose off the solids. 

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