Cloth Diaper Basics: Why are there so many snaps on cloth diapers?

Cloth Diaper Basics: Why are there so many snaps on cloth diapers?

Kinder Cloth Pocket Diapers and Diaper Covers have a lot of snaps on the front of them. But are they really necessary? 

Modern, one size cloth diapers are designed to fit most babies from birth to potty training age. For Kinder Pocket diapers, that's roughly 7 to 60+ pounds. In order to make one product that fits such a wide range of different sized baby bums, cloth diapers need to be incredibly adjustable and customizable. 

Our Kinder Cloth pocket diapers feature an arrangement with 23 snaps. Yeah, I know that sound excessive, but trust me, it's not. More snaps means more customization, and ultimately, a better fit. 

Let's identify the different types of snaps in our 23 snap arrangement using the image below: (*The image below has not been updated to reflect the addition of our 5th rise, 3 additional snaps below the lowest rise)

Why do cloth diapers have so many snaps? Rise snaps adjustable cloth pocket diapers


Hip Snaps: Help keep the front of the diaper flat along baby's tummy. Hip snaps are also important for achieving a snug fit around baby's legs. 

Waist Snaps: Secure the diaper on baby's waist. These snaps are most similar to how the adhesive flaps work on disposable diapers. 

Crossover or Dirty Closure Snaps: If you have a really tiny baby, you might use crossover snaps to achieve a tighter fit. Typically, crossover snaps are used to keep diapers closed when not in use—either after washing or when soiled before washing. 

Rise Snaps: Rise snaps are what make cloth diapers one size fits most. These snaps allow the diaper to adjust length wise to fit newborn seven pound babies, and also expand to fit 35+ pound toddlers. 

Below is a gif that shows how the rise snap system works. There are four rise settings.

1. ~7-12lbs
2. 12-17lbs
3. 17-25lbs
4. 25-~40lbs 

cloth diaper sizing with snaps newborn to toddler one size reusable

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