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Cloth Diaper Basics: What do all those words mean?

Gannon Keller

You joined the cloth diapering community… but what in the world do all of these abbreviations mean? Help! 

AIO or All in One: All-in-one diapers. A one piece cloth diaper where the cover and insert are attached. 

AI2 or All in Two: All-in-two diapers are a cover that allows you to snap your insert inside. This makes it function like an AIO, but you can also use it as a stand alone cover.

Aplix: Aplix is another word for Velcro closures. This is also sometimes called hook and loop.

Bacon: Natural fibers, particularly hemp and cotton, tend to shrink a lot in the dryer. For this reason, sometimes laundered inserts can look like crispy, wavy bacon.

BLW: Baby lead-weaning. A form of introducing solids to a 6 mo+ baby. This process skips purees, and goes straight to soft, finger foods. (Consult with your pediatrician before introducing solids)

BST or B/S/T: Buy, Sell, Trade

CBI: Charcoal Bamboo Insert

CD: Cloth Diaper

Cloth Wipes: An 8×8 square of fabric used in place of traditional disposable wipes.

Wipe Solution or Wipe Bits: The soap used to wet cloth wipes. Plain tap water is fine, or you can mix your own wipe solution or buy wipe bits that dissolve in water. 

CO/Coconut Oil: A cloth safe alternative to diaper cream. 

Sposies: Disposable Diapers

Diaper Cover: If using flats and pre-folds a diaper cover is an outer-shell needed to make your cloth diaper water resistant.

Diaper Sprayer: An attachment for your toilet used to spray off solid waste.

DG/Double Gussets: Second set of elastics that run parallel to the outer leg elastics. 

Doubler: An extra insert that can be added to the diaper to “double” the absorbency.

EBF or Exclusively Breastfed: EBF poop is water-soluble and doesn’t need to be rinsed before tossing in your washing machine.

Fitted Diaper:  made from absorbent material shaped like a diaper with elastic around the legs and waist. Fitted diapers are secured with either snaps or hook and loop fasteners. They look like a diaper but are not waterproof and require a diaper cover. 

Flat: A square of fabric, often cotton, folded around your baby to form a cloth diaper. Flat's also require a diaper cover. 

FST: Flour Sack Towel. An affordable 1ply cotton towel you can find in the kitchen towel isle of most stores. 

FSO: For sale only.

FSOT: For sale or trade.

HE: High Efficiency, in reference to your washing machine. HE washing machines use HE compatible detergent. 

ISO: In search of.

Insert: material that is inserted into the pocket opening of a pocket-style cloth diaper, or laid in a cover. Common types of inserts are MicroFiber, Bamboo, CBI, Hemp, and Cotton.

Liner: A liner is a cloth or disposable material that is placed on top of the cover for easy clean up of poos. These can also be used to protect your diaper when you have to use a diaper cream that is not cloth safe. 

MF: Microfiber

NWT: New with tags

NWOT: New without tags

NIP: New in Package

NOOP: New out of package

OS: One size diaper

Pre-fold: A flat that has been pre-folded and sewn together. 

Pocket Diaper: is a cover and a lining that has an opening that you can stuff an insert of your choice into. 

PUL: Polyurethane Laminate is a water-resistant material used for the outer shells of covers and pockets. 

Snappi: clip to close a pre-fold diaper. 

Soaker: another term for insert
Also called an insert.

Stash: Your collection of diapers

RLR: A laundry treatment that is used to remove minerals and build up before washing. 

WAHM: “Work At Home Mom”

Wet Bag: A water resistant bag used to store dirty diapers.


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