Why we love Athletic Wicking Jersey

Why we love Athletic Wicking Jersey

Gannon Keller

Modern cloth diapers feature a variety of different lining materials. Some of the most common are microseude, fleece and athletic wicking jersey. Each material comes with own pros and cons. For example, some materials are stay dry, while others allow baby to feel wetness. 

Kinder pocket diapers feature an athletic wicking jersey (AWJ) lining. This material is a sporty mesh, similar to the material that the outer layer of a basketball short is made from. Athletic Wicking Jersey or AWJ for short, is lightweight and breathable making for an ideal warm weather diaper lining. 

Athletic wicking jersey is a synthetic, stay dry material, designed to wick away moisture from the skin and leave baby feeling dry. This is why AWJ is so commonly used throughout fitness and sports apparel industry.

It's this same breathable quality that allows AWJ to feel cooler than most other popular diaper lining materials, like microsuede and fleece. Babies that are prone to heat rash in traditional cloth diapers may find relief in diapers lined with AWJ. Additionally, babies with sensitive skin may also prefer AWJ lined cloth diapers. 

Due to the texture of the surface of AWJ, many find that it is easier to clean than other traditional diaper lining materials. Families love the "ploppable" nature of AWJ—even the most stubborn poops tend to release easier with a little spraying or swooshing from AWJ than its microseude counterpart. This can also mean less stubborn staining and a better overall cloth diapering experience. 


  • Millie said:

    I was wondering if petroleum based products wash out of the athletic wicking jersey material, I use it for diaper cream.

    August 29, 2022

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