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Three Tips for Shopping Kinder's Modern Cloth Diapers from Canada

Krystal Keller

One of our most frequently asked questions is whether or not we ship to Canada. We do! Here are four tips for a smooth international shopping experience: 

Shop our retailer Nest and Sprout Maternity in Canada:

Save big on international shipping and shop Kinder at our retail partner, Nest and Sprout located in Prince George, BC. 

Select your currency:

If your browser does not automatically convert the currency to CAD from USD you can do this manually using the currency selector in the footer of our website. This will ensure that the prices you see are reflective of what you'd expect to pay at checkout. 

Discounted shipping fees:

We offer an automatic shipping discount for all international orders. Kinder covers 10-15% of shipping fees on international transactions in order to help offset the cost of shipping for our customers. This shipping is automatically reflected in the prices you will see in your cart at checkout. 

Border crossing duties: 

When choosing a shipping provider for Canadian transactions, please choose Priority Mail International or United States Postal Service (USPS) when available. In checkout, this options is often much more expensive than UPS, however USPS will not incur surprise duties fees. We understand that USPS may not be available for all of our Canadian customers, but we recommend choosing this option when it is available to you. 

Orders shipped via UPS may incur large, unexpected duties fees at the border. The larger the order, the larger the duties incurred may be. Duties fees are the responsibility of the customer and must be paid upon receipt of the package. 

Need more help? 

Join our discord (link in the footer) to learn more about shopping Kinder internationally. We have several Canadian ambassadors that would be more than happy to share their experience and expertise with you. 

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