Our Artist Collaboration Series: Genna Blackburn

Our Artist Collaboration Series: Genna Blackburn

Krystal Keller

This weekend, February 12, 2022, we are releasing our latest Artist Collaboration Collection, featuring the work of illustrator Genna Blackburn. At Kinder, we are passionate about supporting artists and are excited to share this new collection with our community. 

Genna is a surface designer and illustrator in Detroit, Michigan. Most of the time you can find her working from her home studio with her cat and cattle dog by her side. Inspired by her love of plants and animals, (especially her pets who make regular appearances in her illustrations), her work is a playful exploration of shape and color stemming from her background as a graphic designer.

Genna's collection features 3 exclusive prints, available on diapers, pods, change mats, a large 4.5 foot square play mat and swaddles. 

Shop Genna's full collection Starting Saturday February 12.

See more of Genna's work on social — @genna.blackburn

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