Using Cloth Diapers in the Hospital for a Newborn Baby

Using Cloth Diapers in the Hospital for a Newborn Baby

Krystal Keller
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Choosing whether to use disposable diapers or reusable cloth diapers in the hospital for your newborn baby is a personal choice. Here are some things that you might consider when choosing whether to pack cloth diapers in your hospital bag for the birth of your new baby. 

The most common reasons that families and caregivers choose reusable cloth diapers in the hospital: 

  1. Cost Savings

  2. Lower environmental impact

  3. Allergies to ingredients in disposable diapers  

However, there are specific factors to consider when using cloth diapers in the hospital setting including: 

  1. Personal Preference

  2. Hospital Policies 

  3. Health of Birthing Parent and Baby

how to add cloth diapers to your hospital birth plan

Considering your personal preferences around diapering your newborn baby

It is important to keep your personal preferences at the forefront when deciding whether or not to diaper your baby with disposable diapers reusable cloth diapers in the hospital after birth. We recommend adding your diapering preferences to your birth plan so that everyone on your team is aligned on your intention. 

A birth plan is a written outline of a parent's preferences during labor and delivery. It serves as a communication tool between the expectant parents and their healthcare team, ensuring that their wishes are known and considered. While it's important to remember that unexpected events can occur during childbirth, a birth plan can help guide decision-making and provide a sense of control in a potentially unpredictable situation.

Adding reusable diapers to your birth plan can look like this: “Family prefers to use patient supplied reusable diapers post delivery. Clean diapers as well as storage for soiled reusable diapers can be found in the birthing parent’s room.” 

Hospital Policies and Considerations

Before deciding to use reusable cloth diapers in the hospital, it's essential to check the hospital's policies regarding the use of cloth diapers. Some hospitals may not allow parents to bring their cloth diapers due to specific regulations. We recommend speaking with your hospital, obstetrician, or midwife team to clarify the guidelines and ensure compliance with the facility's regulations.

Be Flexible

In childbirth, it is important to be flexible and adaptable to change. While we recommend having a birth plan, it is also important to understand that childbirth is complex and unpredictable. It is crucial to be adaptable and open to changes to your birth plan that will ultimately contribute to a more positive birthing experience. 

You might have your heart set on a natural birth, but then you find out you need a C-section. Or maybe you wanted a quiet, dimly lit room, but you end up needing to be monitored more closely than you thought or you just decide that you want to listen to EDM music while you push the baby out. The same may be true for diapering your new baby. While you may have brought 30 reusable cloth diapers to the hospital, the baby or birthing parent might require more medical attention than you expected. Labor can also be very long and exhausting, and it’s okay to pivot and use the hospital provided disposables when things don’t go according to plan.  

How many cloth diapers do you need?

For newborn babies, most families will want to have 30-40 pocket style cloth diapers. Newborn babies can soil 12-16 diapers each day so a set of 30-40 diapers will carry most families through 2-3 days comfortably between washing. Shop our new parent starter bundles to get started with cloth diapering. 

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Using reusable cloth diapers in the hospital for a newborn is a possible and environmentally friendly choice for many parents and caregivers. By being aware of the hospital's policies, choosing the right type of reusable diapers, and preparing adequately for the newborn's care, it is possible to successfully use cloth diapers during the hospital stay. By considering the information and practical tips provided, parents and caregivers can make an informed decision about using reusable cloth diapers in the hospital for their newborn, ensuring a positive and sustainable diapering experience.

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