Cloth Diapering Mom Lily Shares How to Persist When Your Loved Ones Don't Support Your Choice to Use Cloth Diapers

Cloth Diapering Mom Lily Shares How to Persist When Your Loved Ones Don't Support Your Choice to Use Cloth Diapers

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Before I decided to cloth diaper my children I made sure to do a lot of research so I could be as prepared as possible. I thought I knew what you expect when it came to using cloth diapers on my baby.

However, that was certainly not the case once I started sharing my decision with friends and family. I never expected all the pushback and negative opinions I would get from people who were supposed to support me no matter what.

Most everyone told me that I was wasting my time and that using cloth diapers was gross and going to be too big of a hassle. My friends and family said that I wasn’t actually going to save any money or make a difference with the environment. What hurt most of all was that I even had people tell me that they didn’t think I would stick to my decision and follow through. They all thought I would change my mind and stop using cloth diapers. 

I was so offended by my loved ones not supporting me in my decision to try cloth diapers. Sure, I was the first one in my friend group and family to choose to use cloth diapers, but I still thought people would be open minded and supportive. Despite this, I decided to prove them all wrong and stick to my decision. Cloth diapering is probably one of the best choices I’ve ever made as a parent.

I showed everyone who doubted me how easy cloth diapering actually was. Over time a lot of my friends and family even became curious and started asking me questions.They were all shocked with how far along cloth diapering has come. They are so simple and easy to use.

My family and friends were impressed that I didn’t have any difficulty with staining or smells and they were even more impressed with how much money I was saving.

I have saved hundreds of dollars within just the last year because of using cloth instead of disposable diapers. A lot of my family didn’t even realize how expensive disposable diapers had gotten and they were shocked to hear how affordable cloth diapers can be. 

My friends and family now fully support me cloth diapering my children. They think it's really neat how much I really am making a difference with the environment too. Even just one less disposable diaper is helping keep wasteful trash out of our landfills.

I think my friends and family just weren’t open minded about my decision because they didn’t know as much about the topic. It's easy to be negative and close minded about something you don’t know about. But after opening their minds and showing them by example how it really works, they have all come around. One of my close friends is even using cloth diapers for her baby now.

I’m not saying that everyone is always going to support your cloth diapering journey. But, it is important to know that just by having people exposed to the idea of using cloth helps open their minds. I think it's good for more people to see parents using cloth diapers for their children.

Not only am I saving money and helping the environment, but sharing my cloth diapering experience is helping to lessen the stigma surrounding cloth diapers. Maybe if more people see how successful you can be with cloth, more people will choose to use it for their children as well.

At the end of the day it’s not important what people think of you and your parenting decisions. You know what's best for your children and it's completely your choice on how you want to raise them. I personally choose to raise my children with a little extra cute fluff on their behinds.

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